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Well u might know, u might not, i'm working on a flowerman2 game but well haven't really done much to it. gonna take a while to get it finished, I'm kinda rusty

Anyway i've entered a collab called the unfinished collab, in there my part for as far it was finished of the flawless victory collab will be shown, containing flowerman.

So for al of those (probably non existing) fans of flowerman, u'll get a little peak at him again :)

to bad

2008-04-20 17:07:30 by black-raven

the flawless victory collab died because the host had some unexpected problems with his studies,
i might finish my part and submit it as a stand alone but i don't really enjoy animating it so i don't think it will be soon,

i did join a other collab, the before you die collab, i had a idea and i'm hoping to make something like my animation in the one layer collab, only then with collor.

current projects

2008-02-23 07:07:03 by black-raven

Well, I've started working so my time has been greatly reduced,
I plan alot but don't get all of that done,

My current projects are:

- a mini game wich is kinda almost finished but making levels is just boring copy paste adjust code, and i get bored doing that fast, and next to that the engine isn't really what i want it to be but i'm lazy,

- a website, wich i have been collecting stuff for, the layout is kinda finished but i collected the stuff for on it until i had to go search a cd, didn't really wanted to do that , so i haven't,

-movies and games about flowerman. Well hven't really started on these, but i'm planning to, but it will take a while.

-Flawless victory collab. this is my main concern right now, i've used my character flowerman and i've started to animate, haven't done much, some drawing and sketching, really need to get it going.

I might have forgotten some stuff but well geuss if i come up with some more i'll add it,
Don't really know what u could comment on this but if u want u can ;) lol

Hope everyone enjoys themselfs

next step

2007-11-16 20:00:23 by black-raven

well the one layer collab is over, and it was a success to say the least,
it was a good piece of work and the people who joined were fun to work with, didn't have any problems getting along, however the submission it self seemed to be the bad guy, seeing as it took the host 5 hours to save the collab on the ending of it. but it all got trough and now it is up on the frontpage,

my new and first game is out now!!! check it out and let me know what u think!